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At Union Street Soapworks, we believe that washing with soap should be a rewarding experience. We've taken soap back to the way it should be, using quality ingredients like vegetable-based oils and pure essential oils. If you're looking for an extraordinary cleansing experience, we've got just the soap for you.
Whatever have I been washing with?
You really want to know? Ok...brace yourself. A little history: prior to World War II, soap was made the old-fashiond way, with lye and fat, usually lard. A shortage of raw materials during the war had forced manufacturers to switch to detergents and artificial moisturizers. Soon after, these low-cost, soap-like substances replaced real soap altogether. Don't believe us? Just read the label.
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We're not impressed with factory-processed bars of detergent packed with chemicals and preservatives.  Luckily we've gotten smarter in this age of information, and the lost art of soapmaking has re-emerged better than ever. Our mission is show the world that true soap is more than just suds.

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